Aubrey Bramble, Crystal Therapist ~ Energy Worker ~ Esoteric Potion Alchemist 

I seek to inspire and unfold personal transformation and empowerment in others through intentional energy work, crystal vibrational therapy, intuitive scent alchemy, and education.

Gems and minerals are some of my most important and beloved allies; I feel a deep connection to the crystals and stones of the Earth and have studied their wisdom and healing power extensively. Crystals are potent conduits of Divine energy that can strengthen, amplify, and more accurately focus healing energies around and in suport of our most soulful of intentions and desires for personal, spiritual, and emotional growth and development. In working with crystals we are able to remember the Earth and, as a result, ourselves. The gem spirits are beautiful kindreds that want to be in relationship with us; by respectfully honoring and partnering with these energies, we can more successfully unfold transformation both within ourselves and externally in the world around us.

Scent alchemy has been my journey for over a decade through the study and practical application of essential oils, aromatherapy, and perfumery. By connecting mindfully and energetically with our sense of smell we can shift old habits and patterns, bring peace and balance to the nervous system, and unite the thinking mind with the Divine. I specialize in crafting magical oil blends that draw on the wisdom of plants and flowers along with the mystical vibration of the Earth's rocks and crystals to heal and empower individuals. These blends are summoned forth from the ether through a combination of psychic mediumship, the scientific and therapeutic principles of aromatherapy, and the restorative properties of geology and botany. The end result is a unique personal elixir of essential oils, whole dried plant specimens, and precious stones and minerals; a powerful and effective tool for personal intention, manifestation, and transformation. 

My mystical education has been ongoing for more than two decades in the areas of Metaphysical Healing and Energy Medicine, Vibrational Gemstone Therapy, Sound Healing, Meditation, Earth Magic, Italian Folk Medicine, Esoteric Studies, and Psychic Development. Throughout the course of my artistic and metaphysical development I have had the honor of teaching several classes, workshops, and intensives, in addition to serving as both apprentice and mentor. My journey into new and beneficial ways to use my gifts for healing continues on a daily basis, and is filled with enthusiasm and gratitude for the wonderful teachers and allies I meet along the way.