Classes and Workshops

*OUR CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS ARE SAFE SPACES FOR ALL - LGBTQ, GNB, POC, Muslim, immigrant, as well as straight, cisgender people who care about diversity, equality and inclusion*


To register for a workshop, please visit our Square site. Space is limited in each class, so registration with pre-payment is the only way to ensure participation. A limited number of sliding scale spots are available for each workshop, for those in need. Please email me with any questions, or to discuss alternative payment options.


Date: October 3, 2017
Time: 7:00 - 9:00pm
Cost: $25-35 sliding scale
Location: The Cunning Crow Apothecary, 9020 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103

Gems and minerals are magical conductors of energy and ancient wisdom, and can be valuable allies for us on our personal journeys towards manifesting our highest selves. In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of crystals, stones, and minerals and the many ways in which we can harness their gifts for both personal and collective empowerment. This is the perfect workshop for the beginner who is interested in learning how to select crystals for specific energetic intentions, how to build an energetic relationship with a crystal ally, how to care for and maintain your crystal collection, and how to deepen in your connection to the Earth through crystal wisdom. Topics include:

  • how to choose a crystal and ask it to work with you
  • how to cleanse and care for your crystals
  • how to charge a crystal with a specific intention
  • ways to be in relationship with crystals (energy work, meditation, dreamwork, spellcraft, and divination)
  • crystals and the elements (earth, air, fire, water)
  • resources for continuing your education about crystals and gemstones

Attendees will leave the workshop with a small pouch containing one of each of the gems examined as a start to their personal gem collection. 


Date: October 16, 2017
Time: 7:00 - 9:30pm
Cost: $50 ($70 with a massage wand), space limited to 10 students
Location: 2366 Eastlake Ave E #413 Seattle, WA 98102

Self-pleasure is a beautiful and sacred ritual for raising the energies of self-love, compassion, kindness, and celebration in and around the Divine Self. This work can also be a wonderful practice for calling in a higher vibration and greater sense of focus around personal intentions for healing, growth, manifestation, emotional development, and spirituality. Incorporating the vibrational magic of gemstones and crystals into this work can be especially electrifying and potent. Discover how the stones can assist us in our intentions to not only find a deeper sense of self-love and body confidence, but also to assist in our healing journeys around sexual trauma, abuse, shame, and dysfunction. Topics include:

  • crystals for raising sexual energy
  • crystals for self-love, compassion, nurturing, and beauty
  • crystals for self-confidence and self-expression
  • crystals for healing physical and emotional trauma
  • the inentional practice of reclaiming your sacred sexuality
  • manual applications of crystals on/around/inside the body for sexual pleasure
  • developing a sacred relationship with yourself and your healing crystals

Participants are encouraged to either purchase a crystal massage wand of their choice ahead of class, or select the ticketing option that includes a wand (to be provided at class). Due to the sensitive nature of this work, all participants must be 21 and older.


Date: November 15, 2017
Time: 7:00 - 9:30pm
Cost: $25-35 sliding scale
Location: The Cunning Crow Apothecary, 9020 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103

Betsy Bergstrom describes mediumship as "a craft that includes consciousness to consciousness connection with a deity, angel or spirit ally. This practice allows compassionate deities and angels to verbally or energetically transmit visions, wisdom, knowledge and healing power." Gems and minerals are vessels of ancient wisdom here on Earth, and as such can be valuable allies for us on our personal journeys towards manifesting our highest selves. Through the practice of mediumship it is possible to develop deep personal relationships with the crystals that wish to be your allies and guides in this life. in this class:

  • discover how you receive extrasensory information
  • learn how to be in conversation with a gemstone or crystal
  • learn how to honor, acknowledge, and care for your crystal allies
  • experience a mediumship session as a group with a crystal
  • explore a personal journey with a crystal ally

Basic mediumship experience is suggested, but not required. Participants will leave the class with a small selection of stones discussed and/or utilized in the workshop.


Date: December 12, 2017
Time: 7:00 - 9:30pm
Cost: $25-35 sliding scale
Location: The Cunning Crow Apothecary, 9020 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103

These times are challenging. To our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. The simplest way we can cope with life's challenges is through a dedicated practice of self-care, of tending to ourselves and our spirits in nourishing, uplifting, and compassionate ways. This class will explore ways we can call upon the magic of gemstones to assist us in a dedicated practice of self-care, with a focus on:

  • the habit of making and sustaining personal ritual
  • crystals supportive of energy levels, personal well-being, auric field maintenance, emotional balance and peace
  • how to use crystals to protect oneself from unanted external energies and beings
  • physical tools made of/with crystals for tangible energetic assistance in maintaining a healthy vibration
  • how to utilize crystals for energetic support around family and social gatherings, and how to weather the Holiday season with ease and grace

Participants will receive a selection of gemstones relating to self-care, step-by-step instruction on suggested activities to try at home, and will participate in a self-care ritual with the class.

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