All of my sessions take place in my private treatment space, though distance sessions via telephone and Skype/FaceTime are available for those not in the Seattle area. I also offer in-home sessions if you would like to receive treatment in the comfort of your own personal space. Please contact me with your appointment requests and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

So you'd like to book a session with me. I am a crystal therapist, meaning I utilize the vibrational energies of crystals and minerals from the earth in my healing work. 

What does this look like, and more importantly, what can you expect in a session with me? Generally speaking, this means that I will place stones on or near chakra points on the body as well as around the body - sometimes in a grid - to either move, transmute, or raise energy depending on the particular intention for healing. In addition, I frequently give my clients suggestions for stones they may utilize at home to incorporate into their own healing journeys. I find that the energy of the stones is beautifully grounding, nourishing, and such a compliment to more traditional energy work. They are such magical allies! I hope you will find the same to be true. 

What do I mean when I say I am an "esoteric aromatherapist?" In addition to my work with crystals, I also work psychically with essential oils. I use mediumship and my intuition to craft pure essential oil blends specific to the needs of my clients. I will usually incorporate crystals or crystal essences - and sometimes flowers and herbs - into these blends as well. This results in an extremely personal, unique, and custom - as well as hyper potent - magical potion.

What other modalities do I utilize in my work? In addition to vibrational crystal healing and aromatherapy, I have trained in many areas of energy medicine throughout my life. Modalities I will frequently utilize in my sessions include chakra-balancing, quantum healing, thoughtform and pattern breaking, soul essence retrieval, boundary maintenance, ancestral healing, psychic mediumship, guided meditation, and sound healing.

What services do I offer? I've listed my most popular services below in detail. However, I believe that all areas of our life can be improved with crystals and gemstones, so in addition to those services listed below I also offer:

  • crystal healing for the home and the office
  • private mentorship to deepen your knowledge of and relationship to crystals
  • crystal vibrational therapy for pets and animals
  • group classes about crystals (such as speaking to your stones, gridding with stones, incorporating stones into your self-care routines, etc.)
  • mediumship sessions with tarot and/or stones
  • custom crystal-charged healing tools (room sprays, massage oils, lotions, crystal essences and waters) for practitioners of the healing arts as well as for personal use
  • personal ceremony

Let's talk and set up the most perfect session for your specific needs!

What are my rates? My standard rate for energy work is $100 per hour. Exceptions to this rate are listed below with the corresponding services. For products, rates vary.

Still have questions? Please contact me so I can best serve you.


$100 // $140

Time: 60 minutes or 90 minutes

Designed to clear energetic blockages, remove unhelpful energies from the etheric and physical body, bring positive and nourishing energy into being, fortify your auric body with divine illumination, reset your energetic equilibirium for higher vibrational functioning, and/or re-establish sovereignty and beauty so that you can more comfortably and radiantly express your soul energy in the world.

This session begins with a seated conversation around your goals and/or intentions for healing. You will then rest comfortably on a massage table while I place energetically-attuned crystals and gemstones on select Chakra points as I work with my guides and allies to bring forth any positive, healing energy that is available for you and that empowers you to harness the tools you need to successfully bring about transformation in your life. At the end of the session we will return to a seated conversation around what specifically came forward for you, what was cleared, and/or what was gifted to you and you will leave with instructions and suggestions for ongoing self-care that will assist in the integration of the work. 



Time: 60 minutes

Visit me for a nourishing, uplifting hour of energy raising with aromatherapy, crystals, and plants. Together we will explore an intention that you wish to manifest in your life at this time - an energy you would like to attract, a goal you would like to achieve, healing you desire to unfold - after which I will work with my personal guides and allies as well as employ my Clair senses and psychic intuition to craft a magical blend to assist you in this work. You will leave the appointment with a custom blend of essential oils, small crystals, and plant allies specific for your intention in a 10ml glass vial as well. Following the appointment, I will provide you with a supplemental email containing a detailed description of the magical properties unique to the ingredients in your blend, and how they relate to your specific intention and healing at this time.



Time: 90 minutes

Experience the benefits of crystal vibrational therapy in conjunction with intuitive aromatherapy and tend to all of your senses with this wonderful combination session!

We will begin with the creation of a custom intentional oil blend around your desires and goals for healing, after which you will receive 30-60 minutes of integrative energy work with crystals and gemstones. During the energy work portion of the session your oil blend will charge with your body, attuning more acutely with your intention and the healing energy that comes forward for you. Following all of this we will discuss in detail what specifically unfolded, including anything that was able to be cleared and/or restored, and how to best utilize your oil blend in support of this work. You will leave the appointment with your supercharged custom healing blend of essential oils, small crystals, and plant allies in a 10ml glass vial, and I will follow up with a supplemental email containing a detailed description of the magical properties of the ingredients in your oil and how they relate to your specific intention.

Disclaimer: Aromatherapy, crystals, and energy healing services are not intended to replace or substitute medical or psychological care. Intuitive healing work is a beautiful accompaniment and supportive element to a well-rounded regimen of self-care; please consider combining these offerings with the services of a physician, mental health professional, or naturopathic doctor.