Time: 60 minutes

Visit me for a nourishing, uplifting hour of energy raising with aromatherapy, crystals, and plants. Together we will explore an intention that you wish to manifest in your life at this time - an energy you would like to attract, a goal you would like to achieve, healing you desire to unfold - after which I will work with my personal guides and allies as well as employ my Clair senses and psychic intuition to craft a magical blend to assist you in this work. You will leave the appointment with a custom blend of essential oils, small crystals, and plant allies specific for your intention in a 10ml glass vial as well. Following the appointment, I will provide you with a supplemental email containing a detailed description of the magical properties unique to the ingredients in your blend, and how they relate to your specific intention and healing at this time.


Time: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes

Designed to clear energetic blockages, remove unhelpful energies from the etheric and physical body, bring positive and nourishing energy into being, fortify your auric body with divine illumination, reset your energetic equilibirium for higher vibrational functioning, and/or re-establish sovereignty and beauty so that you can more comfortably and radiantly express your soul energy in the world.

This session begins with a seated conversation around your goals and/or intentions for healing. You will then rest comfortably on a massage table while I place energetically-attuned crystals and gemstones on select Chakra points as I work with my guides and allies to bring forth any positive, healing energy that is available for you and that empowers you to harness the tools you need to successfully bring about transformation in your life. At the end of the session we will return to a seated conversation around what specifically came forward for you, what was cleared, and/or what was gifted to you and you will leave with instructions and suggestions for ongoing self-care that will assist in the integration of the work. 

Modalities that may be incorporated into this session include: Chakra-balancing, quantum healing, thoughtform and pattern breaking, essence retrieval, boundary maintenance, ancestral healing, psychic mediumship, vibrational crystal magic, aromatherapy.


Time: 90 minutes

Experience the benefits of crystal vibrational therapy in conjunction with intuitive aromatherapy and tend to all of your senses with this wonderful combination session!

We will begin with the creation of a custom intentional oil blend around your desires and goals for healing, after which you will receive 30-60 minutes of integrative energy work with crystals and gemstones. During the energy work portion of the session your oil blend will charge with your body, attuning more acutely with your intention and the healing energy that comes forward for you. Following all of this we will discuss in detail what specifically unfolded, including anything that was able to be cleared and/or restored, and how to best utilize your oil blend in support of this work. You will leave the appointment with your supercharged custom healing blend of essential oils, small crystals, and plant allies in a 10ml glass vial, and I will follow up with a supplemental email containing a detailed description of the magical properties of the ingredients in your oil and how they relate to your specific intention.


Time: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes 

Our pets are dearly loved, sovereign beings that could sometimes benefit from energy work just like the rest of us! Animals are naturally intuitive and as such are inherently "tuned in" to the energetic world, the plane of existence that lies beyond the physical. Our emotional state(s), our relationships with other humans in the home, environmental stress, the presence of other animals in the home, noise and pollution, and much more can have both deep and subtle impacts on the energetic well-being of our pets.

In this session, I will travel to your home* and work directly with your pet. We will begin with an intake during which I will meet your pet and we will discuss the symptoms and observations that inspired you to schedule the appointment. Then, through a combination of metaphysical healing, psychic mediumship, and crystal vibrational therapy, I will work to restore the animal's energetic equilibrium and overall energetic well-being. Following the session, we will discuss any healing that came forward as well as suggestions for after-care that will best support your pet on its healing journey.

*I can also work remotely for those who are unable to have the work performed at home


Time: 60 minutes

Betsy Bergstrom describes mediumship as "a craft that includes consciousness to consciousness connection with a deity, angel or spirit ally. This practice allows compassionate deities and angels to verbally or energetically transmit visions, wisdom, knowledge and healing power."

In a mediumship session, I will work through my own guides and allies to bring wisdom and guidance to you, the seeker. This session is ideal for someone who has inquiries around a specific topic or life event, who seeks guidance around personal or professional development, or anyone who is interested in receiving wisdom from their guides and allies in a safe and sacred space. We will sit in conversation around your concerns, after which I will enter into a conscious trance state to obtain useful knowledge and guidance specific to your intention. We will discuss the information as it unfolds and you will have the opportunity to ask clarification questions during the work. At the end of the session, we will engage in an outtake process around what came forward and any recommendations for "homework" or integration that might be beneficial. 


In addition to being a place of shelter for ourselves and our belongings, our home offers us the beautiful ability to be in relationship with the land and the various spirits of the land on which it was built. It is a microcosm of energy and experience not just relating to and stemming from its current inhabitants, but from previous inhabitants, guests, homebuilders, and environmental vibrations as well. 

In this ceremony we will work together to intentionally honor these things, and to consecrate and bless the space with any wishes or dreams that you, the current inhabitant(s), may have. During this ceremony I will also address any non-beneficial energies or spirits that can be compassionately lifted from the space, any elemental or energetic balancing that is available, and anything that wishes to come forward for the inhabitants to live more harmoniously with the land and home in positive relationship together. I will also work to honor and acknowledge the spirits of the land, and to tend to any of their needs and requests where possible.

This is a beautiful ceremony for those recently moving into a new home, when dynamics in a home shift or change (such as new roommates, moving in with a loved one, starting a business in the home), if the energy in a home feels stagnant or "stuck," or simply in any home where the energy feels "off" or uncomfortable. This work can also be faciliated at a place of business. Depending on house size and individual circumstance, I may perform this ceremony alone or I may invite a co-practitioner to the work, the fierce and beautiful Lauren Kile. There will usually be a drummer present to ground and move energy during active ceremony. A full intake with a client interview and instructions on how to prepare will be sent to you ahead of the ceremony, and all persons living in the home must consent to the ceremony before the work will unfold.


Saining is a Scottish word meaning blessing, protecting, or consecrating. I believe that it is important to be acknowledged, celebrated, offered blessings, and swathed in protections where possible on this journey of life. Personal ceremony is a sacred and intentional way to receive these consecrations purposefully and with witness. These custom ceremonies can be crafted around birth, death (physical and spiritual), personal transformation or development, missed initiations, anniversaries and milestones, graduations, transition into adulthood or elderhood... essentially any threshold where you feel you'd like a little support, acknowledgment, or making-sacred. Personal ceremony can be performed alone in a private session at my office or in your home, in front of community at your home or an intentional gathering space, or in nature.


I am available to offer instruction and mentorship to individuals interested in deepening their orientation to and wisdom of crystals, gemstones, and minerals, as well as those interested in deepening their relationship to the Divine. If there are specific gemstones or techniques of working with crystals you would like to explore on a more intensive level, if you wish to deepen your personal practice and relationship with crystals, if there is a topic you'd like teaching around that is not offered in my group classes or perhaps you can't make it to my group classes - this is a great option for you.

These private sessions can be offered as a series or a stand-alone experience. 

I am also available to lead private workshops and intuitive blend sessions for your group, gathering, or event. Get in touch!


Are you a practitioner of the healing craft who would like a custom massage oil, lotion, aromatherapy mist, or other scent-based product that is unique to your practice and offerings, that is infused with your own personal healing intentions and energies? I will sit with you to formulate a single product or collection of products that meet your specific needs and desires. Together we will conjure a combination of essential oils, crystals, and/or herbs to create a powerful tool for healing that you can incorporate into your therapeutic sessions and clinical spaces. This is a beautiful method of deepening the effectiveness of your energetic work and taking control of the creation and composition of the products you include in your practice to be totally in line with your mission and vision as a healer. Various options are available, from small individual oil rollers to bulk containers of product and more - please contact me to discuss your specific needs and for a custom quote.

Disclaimer: Aromatherapy, crystals, and energy healing services are not intended to replace or substitute medical or psychological care. Intuitive healing work is a beautiful accompaniment and supportive element to a well-rounded regimen of self-care; please consider combining these offerings with the services of a physician, mental health professional, or naturopathic doctor.