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Part of the Crystal Collection, celebrating the magical vibrational power of gemstones and minerals.

Invoke the grounding, shielding, and transmutational effects of OBSIDIAN with this beautiful ritual and anointing oil! For use in ceremony, to anoint candles and altar objects, to wear as a way to connect to the element of Earth.

A spiritually supportive, fortifying blend of cedar, frankincense, and black pepper with angelica flower essence, obsidian gem essence, and an obsidian cabochon.

Obsidian grounds and centers spiritual energy on the physical plane, and helps to compost negative energy away from the body and back to source. It is especially effective for the root chakra.

Swan Children Blends are 100% natural, free of synthetics, and hypo-allergenic. We specialize in ethically and locally-sourced, organic-where-possible fragrance oils. All scents are handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest with Love and Magick.

These fancy fragrances are formulated to last up to 4 hours on clean skin, and produce no chemical side-effects/odors. Reapply as needed. Each vial should last on average 6-12 months, depending on frequency of application.

All Swan Children Blends ship via USPS. All International orders ship via USPS International First Class. Please contact me if you would like alternate shipping options.