"Truly gifted! I began working with Aubrey around crafting oils for personal empowerment and healing. Her intuitive blends have helped me through some big transitions. Aubrey creates and holds a beautiful space where I can completely let go. I am grateful for her profound presence. I am continually impressed at the depth of her knowledge and heart she brings to each session." - Rebecca Y.

"I had a lovely experience with Swan Children during my intentional oil blend session. Aubrey put together an empowering scent created just for me that I know I couldn't get anywhere else! Did I mention it's infused with carefully selected CRYSTALS?" - Marissa R.

"After feeling very nervous about being there and not sure what exactly would happen in the session, Aubrey immediately put me at ease with her friendly and calm manner and clear, excellent explanations of how the process would go. I also felt pretty vulnerable going in to talk about exactly why I was coming in, including dealing with an issue I had discussed with very few people. Aubrey was a great mix of kind and professional...The scent was such a boost and gentle reminder to be nice to myself through my grief. As I grew more accustomed to the scent and how it mixed with my own smell, the fragrance began to transform into a living thing: the most gentle and lovely blanket of protection to support my unfolding through the process happening in my heart, in my mind and in my body. If you are thinking about getting a bespoke fragrance made with Aubrey, please do it. It will change your life, if you make that opening." - Cynthia G.

"Aubrey is truly gifted when it comes to co-creating with essential oils and gems for intention-setting and healing. She brings both years of practical knowledge and a hefty dose of intuition to her craft. I've had the wonderful opportunity to both learn from her in classes, and use her custom-crafted blends. A true potions master!" - Lauren H.

"I had an oil blending session with Aubrey a few months ago and it was AMAZING. I really felt like Aubrey listened to what I had to say, took into consideration my likes and dislikes, and offered a multitude of excellent suggestions for refining my intention for my oil, as well as for scent combinations. She made me feel really comfortable, too. She just has a naturally welcoming and trustworthy presence. I was really impressed with how well she knew her stuff, too. I definitely felt like I was watching a true alchemist at work. The session was also really FUN.  I felt really involved in the process, and could hardly wait until my oil had rested and was ready to be worn. One thing I can definitely attest to is that the magic in her scents REALLY works. Not only do I get comments on how amazing I smell every time I wear any of her blends, I also notice how the intention that was placed into the oil begins finding its ways to me through all of my life experiences and relationships. It's pretty powerful stuff. I also have her Hecate blend oil and I am completely in love with it. I can't recommend Aubrey and her magical oils highly enough." - Katy P.

"Aubrey is skilled, knowledgeable and intuitive. She creates a safe and sacred space for empowered healing and renewal. My personal experience was amazing and I would recommend her in a heartbeat." - Sarah V.